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The coming depression blog | June 24, 2019

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Abject Poverty around the World

Abject Poverty around the World

We live in an economically diverse society as human beings. Some have more wealth than others as every human beings economic progress is different. Economic condition of a human being is dependent on their personal ambitions, opportunities and education. But relative poverty and abject poverty are two very different phenomena. While relative poverty is economic inequality in society, abject poverty is much more serious and problematic. Abject poverty is the inability of a human to afford fundamental basic needs of human beings. When a person is living in abject poverty they cannot afford food, shelter, safe drinking water, proper sanitation facilities, health care or education. This existence is highly traumatic and people living in abject poverty do not have any hopes other than their next meal or basic fundamental needs needed to survive.

Reduction of Abject Poverty
We have come a long way in fighting abject poverty. Since 1980 the percentage of people living in such situations the world over has come down due to economic prosperity of a region, education, government support and other development efforts. This is especially true for people in developed and developing countries. Millions of people have come out of abject poverty and can hope for a better life for their children than what they had earlier. But as the population of the world grows, even if the percentage of people living in abject poverty is decreased, the population of people living in abject poverty is still very large due to an overall increase in population.
Ways to Reduce Abject Poverty
•    International effort is being made through international organizations like United Nations, Global Humanitarian Assistance to help people in abject poverty and try to remove people from these conditions to a better life. Government programs and subsidies also aim in helping these strata of society and contribute in poverty eradication.
•    Education is the main way to remove people from abject poverty. Right to education and cheap or free education to these sections of society will help them secure skilled jobs and earn a better living. Education gives people living in these condition awareness of their rights and awareness that they can lead a better life.
•    Growth rates of countries are very important. Higher economic growth rates mean more jobs in the economy with good pays. If there are plenty of jobs available in the economy, people living in abject poverty can also get jobs which will improve their economic conditions.
These were some useful points to abject poverty around the world.

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