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The coming depression blog | May 19, 2019

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Bad Weather in UK, U.S and Canada Hampers Holiday Season Plans

Bad Weather in UK, U.S and Canada Hampers Holiday Season Plans

This year during the holiday season months of December 2013 and the first half of January 2014 there have been days of extremely bad weather in countries like UK, U.S and Canada. This has hampered many holiday plans where thousands of flights have been delayed or cancelled, roads have been blocked and travel plans have been disrupted. Also many experts are predicting a dip in the holiday season shopping sales due to the bad weather that has persisted in countries like Canada, U.K and USA. The following are details of the bad weather that has caused a lot of inconvenience in all these countries this holiday season and has also caused some casualties in these regions:

United Kingdom:
In the beginning of the month many areas of United Kingdom faced a severe bad weather caused by the winter storm and there was heavy flooding that took place in many areas. Later in December, around the time of Christmas torrential rains and hurricane force winds were experienced across United Kingdom. Many travel plans in the holiday season were disrupted because of it as trains were cancelled and roadways were blocked.
United States and Canada
There were some extreme cold waves that hit United States and Canada in this holiday season. In the earlier part of December 6, 2013 there was a cold wave that hit areas like North Eastern United States, the Mid West, Eastern Canada and some areas of Southern United States. There were some severe record temperatures reported and also some major ice storms reported in these areas which caused severe cold conditions and also some casualties. Just before Christmas, there were some severe ice storms in Eastern Canada and also some areas of Northeastern United States.
In the first week of 2014 there was an extreme cold weather situation in Canada and United States due to an Arctic cold front that spread across the two countries called the Polar Vortex. These conditions spread across many areas of Canada and as far south as central Florida and to almost all areas till the Rocky Mountains in the West in United States. There were record cold temperatures in many areas in both the countries and in Canada there were reports of temperatures colder that Mars during summer and in Mid West United States there were reports of temperatures colder than the North Pole and South Pole. Cities, lakes and rivers were freezing and millions of Americans and Canadians had to battle snow, ice and extremely cold weather conditions.

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