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The coming depression blog | May 19, 2019

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Big Business : Small Business is 50:50 share

Are you down with monthly debt that makes you want to apply for debt relief? For economic growth to occur, it is important for small businesses to thrive. Statistics show that these companies employ more than half the U.S. population. Small businesses in the United States lead all the way by contributing to the economy in terms of employment. The role of small businesses in the U.S. employment is very important and cannot be neglected. The buzz right now is to buy “Made in America!” DIY owner is invited to browse and buy American products for home improvement projects. Small businesses employ more people than any other sector of our economy.

We hear the news that the economy is not improving, the Labor Department reported that there is a huge increase in unemployment in the last year alone. Small businesses are creating new roles for a significant share of the country and contribute significantly to business performance of the nation. Over the past decade, small businesses have played a vital part of our economy, creating 50-80% of new jobs. The recession has hit the small areas the worst, worse than other areas that are holders of credit to seek alternative way to pay their debts. There are a large number of grant writers who can help provide business owners of small businesses receive government grants. Small businesses rule the enterprise sector in the United States, with 99.9% of all businesses are being represented by them. They are making substantial economic contributions majorly in terms of employment.

According to the SBA, private sector employment is shared equally between large and small businesses, employing 60 million people each. It is disappointing that small business owners when they see our government giving money to big business and threaten to violate the same “Trust Fund Rules” by saying that Social Security will not be paid. Today, companies need to explore how they can keep their business afloat and stay organized. With over 26 million small businesses, the United States is home to many small entrepreneurs. Over 85% of all U.S. companies have 100 employees or less, and about 42 million employees working in these places.

We support the concept of small business, again to change the economy, because the thought without these new entrepreneurs, who might as well throw in our own economic prosperity proverbial towels. After all Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Michael Dell – all started as small entrepreneurs, some even from their garage.


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