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The coming depression blog | June 24, 2019

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Cash, guns and safes: Stress is spreading

Cash, guns and safes: Stress is spreading

The bank of International settlements has adopted a new and attractive policy o run the cash flow in the economy and put it to better uses. This policy or scheme that we are talking about is the negative rates policy. This policy is adopted by the central banks around the globe and this negative rates policy has worked just fine for these banks just like the positive rates policy.
The BIS somehow backed up the working of Bank of Japan and European Central Bank in this matter as such methods were highly criticized by them and the selling off of European bank stocks was highly driven by the fear that more rate cuts in future by the European Central Bank can provide more damage to the countries who are trying to recover their economy from debt and financial crisis.

The negative rates policy was brought into existence by The Swiss bank in 2014. The main aim behind the introduction of such a scheme was to drive out the money from various banks of the world and bring them into proper functioning and cash flow in the society and market. But the scheme would work only if the investors are able to find appropriate places for investment.
In case of guns, guns sales and permit applications have tremendously increased in Cologne because of the disturbing crimes happening there. The major attacks have created a sense a fear and uncertainty in the minds of the people as so now their mindset is that they can protect themselves with the use of cash and guns. It even involves the black marketing techniques which has led to abolition of cash as the guns are being sold are higher rates. This is what is known the third party act.
Cash, guns and safes are being collected and accumulated at an intensified and this situation has created a greater concern for the war on cash and the stress that is building up in the society has led to possibilities of the application of third party act.
Cash plays a major role in our society. It is what helps us to manage all our necessities and requirements. The severely disturbing conditions in many parts of the world have led to excessive purchasing and sale of guns which poses a serious threat to the safety of the society and builds up stress which when blows out will destroy many things.

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