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The coming depression blog | May 19, 2019

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World Economy

Slow GDP Growth in China

August 6, 2013 |


In the last decade or so, China has been known for a high GDP growth rate, one of the highest in the world. This high pace of growth in China has resulted in China emerging as the second largest … Read More

Bank Runs – A Major Banking Crisis

July 22, 2013 |

A Bank Run literally means that customers or depositors of a bank run to the bank in a large number and demand to withdraw the money that they have kept in the bank. When a large crowd of people choose … Read More

Global Warming – A Concern

March 18, 2013 |

Global Warming is a major concern for the entire world today. Global Warming is the overall rise in the temperature of the planet. In the last two centuries in particular there has been a relatively high rise in the earth’s … Read More

US Economy: A Stagnant Crisis

March 16, 2013 |

I wasn’t very surprised when US economy reported job creation of about 236,0000 except in the government sector in its recent reports. Varying in different sectors and lowest till now, this is sad news for an economy which is finding … Read More

Forest Crisis in North America :

March 11, 2013 |


Not everything is ‘prosper’ when we talk about America. One of the most trusted Power of   the world  have faced severe economic recession and is also  trying hard to fight the adverse curse nature is slaying on the North … Read More

We Are Witnessing The Slow, Tortuous Death Of The American Worker

January 15, 2013 |

Once upon a time, the U.S. economy produced a seemingly unending supply of good paying jobs that enabled American workers to buy homes, raise families and live the American Dream. But now all of that has changed. Over the past … Read More

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