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The coming depression blog | April 19, 2018

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Causes and Effects of Economic Recession

This definition can be scary, and rightly so. Almost every facet of our lives as consumers is affected by a recession. A major reason of recession was the low wages. So to avoid a repeat of the crisis is creating more jobs, but with higher wages. Increased production and labor costs are another factor driving inflation. As production costs rise, so do the prices that can further damage the purchasing power of money. Financial advisors say that the U.S. should be careful in future consumption. The economic cycle is based on several phases of positive and negative growth of GDP.

Pay attention to your expenses to see where you may be able to save on expenses. Always keep an eye on values ​​for a better world, and never stick to one particular brand – instead, focus on the best possible value for a particular product. The loan modification program by the government also can cause property prices to fall 5% to 10% before stabilizing the housing market. People say that many of us are in a true recession or depression. We are a leading nation, but we are not alone in the world. It affects each of us as it has affected many others around the world.

The United States, with much of the world is in a state of economic decline, and that thought is scaring everyone at least a little. And why not? One of the least talked about the problems of our current economic crisis is the increase in poverty. Soon we will not be able to be sweep this under the carpet. The decrease in revenue is another effect of the slowing economy. For summaries, economic recession can be caused by external shocks and internal imbalances in trade and economies. Just know that we’re officially in a kind of financial crisis and we need to do something serious to leave. When you find opportunities to save money, make sure you have a plan to invest more money in your current financial situation.

Thus, the following are some of the factors that drive the economy into recession…..

  • - The credit crisis – a lack of funding
  • - Decrease in property prices – due to the shortage of mortgages and the credit crunch
  • - Cost inflation increasing revenues and reducing disposable incomes
  • - Collapse of confidence in the financial sector has reduced confidence between “real economies”

As a consumer, it is for you to learn all you can about the mechanisms behind our current economic crisis, so that you can begin to protect yourself.

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