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The coming depression blog | December 17, 2018

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Change is required in the Education System

Is the goal of our education system to prepare our children to go to work? Is our current system ABLE enough to achieve these goals? An argument can be made that our education system does not meet these objectives, and changes are required extensively.

Our education system has become obsolete and too expensive. When a child is in kindergarten, the learning process is to prepare them for college. In reality, only a small percentage of students attend college or university. But our system is to force all students to learn curriculum required for admission to college. We do this in an attempt to be fair so that students have equal opportunities. What this has really created is an unfair system that does not meet the needs of most of our students?

Education has become tailored to the needs of the student. All students will be taught basic reading, writing and mathematical skills which should be done before they reach high school. By the time students reach high school they should be tested to determine the track for continuing education. Unfortunately, our education system has condemned all forms of education, which does not include college. That is, if the system is unfair, because most students would be better to attend a vocational school, instead of being forced to take the classes they are not capable of learning. Students who are not academically inclined should be advised to schools that teach them job skills. The aptitude test must be used to determine the natural abilities of the student. Type of education students receive should be based on tests alone.

In addition, our schools and universities need to change as well. The training should be also be more like a trade school and be targeted to the career, the student has chosen. Students are college graduates with degrees that are not preparing them for the job they want to enter. Our education system is so broad that it often takes five years to get a four-year degree. It is not necessarily too expensive for students and the country. If a student attends college to become a doctor then the colleges need to teach them what they need to know to become a doctor. Vast areas of education that do not need to be learned to make professional competence, should not be necessary. Probably half of those currently required classes could be eliminated if our education system was more closely adapted to the area of ​​activity chosen by the student. The general system we use now means that students are facing thousands of dollars in debt.

An example of waste in higher education is the requirement to learn a second language. Learning a second language is a worthy part of either lower or higher education. However, students must take two years of language courses and a large majority does not speak the language at the end. If the goal is to teach a second language, then our education system fails miserably. What should be adopted is one of the commercially available language software program available in the market that the students can learn to read and speak the language. If students are required to do so for a year, they would definitely master a second language and the target would actually be achieved.

With the advent of the Internet, opportunities to teach our students are endless. The need for brick and mortar schools are becoming obsolete. Parents have more options than the public school system today. Schools, colleges and universities have to adapt to exist. To prepare our students to enter the job market should be the goal. Parents can no longer afford the tuition and is a crime put our students under debt with thousands of dollars even before they entering the job market.

Most jobs in this country occur in small businesses. A lot of very successful small business owners are not graduates, and should not be considered as one of great benefit to them. Especially when the degree is not tailored to their business. If the college degree is the supreme achievement of their students shouldn’t it be specific to the jobs they are looking for?

Change is coming, whether the educators and the government wants it or not. We should welcome this change and educate our children on the preparation work.

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