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The coming depression blog | March 26, 2019

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Climate Change and its Global Impact

Climate Change and its Global Impact


Climate Change is very much real and is happening in all parts of the world today. Climate change means a significant change in the weather patterns. Climate change is a natural phenomenon but the pace of the climate change varies. Climate change is a cause of worry nowadays because it is happening at an alarmingly fast pace in the last few decades.
There are many natural reasons for climate change like oceanic variations, biotic processes, tectonic plate activities, volcanic activities and solar radiation variations. But these have been happening since a very long time on earth. The increase in the pace of climate change is because of the human impact on the earth’s environment which has caused an increase in change in weather patterns from all over the world.
Human Impact that Causes Climate Change
The natural impact on climate change is something none of us can do much about. But the human impact has also considerably increased the pace of climate change.  The excessive use of greenhouse gases which includes carbon dioxide is very harmful to the earth’s environment. It traps the heat on the planet and increases the overall temperature of the planet .There are many human activities that cause this situation. Some of them include excessive agriculture, deforestation, excessive use of fossil fuels, using non renewable sources of energy. This is called global warming. If this phenomenon keeps happening it will be very difficult for our planet to sustain life.
Global Impact of Climate Change
The global impact of climate change is felt the world over already. The main signs of global climate change are the melting of the ice caps. This means that the ice at both the Polar Regions has been melting due to the rise in temperatures. This has resulted in a rise in the overall sea levels everywhere on the planet. Melting of the glaciers is another sign of climate change. Change in weather patterns, change in rain and snow patterns have been felt all over the world. There has also been an increase in the natural disasters in the past few years which have also been attributed to a change in weather patterns because of climate change.  These changes in weather patterns can also result in low water supply and draught.
Climate Change has global impact and efforts have to be made to reduce the pace of climate change.

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