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The coming depression blog | July 21, 2018

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Climate Change: It’s Impact on Extinction of Species

Climate Change: It’s Impact on Extinction of Species


The earth’s climate is constantly changing at a slow pace for millions of years now and species have evolved and developed through the process of evolution according to the habitat that they have been presented with on earth. The changing climate is a natural phenomenon but lately in the last century the rate at which climate change is taking place is alarming. This is because there is an extra factor that has fueled the advancement of climate change and global warming along with natural factors that is human activity.

The following are some of the human activities that have caused climate change and global warming on earth:
•    Excessive land use by humans,
•    emissions of harmful gasses due to high amount of fossil fuel combustion,
•    Release of aerosols or particulate matter into the atmosphere by human activities.
•    Excessive agriculture that is harmful for environment,
•    Rapid deforestation that reduces the oxygen in the environment and also warms the planet.
•    The use of CFCs that has caused the ozone layer depletion that will take a long time to heal.
Impact on Extinction of Species
Change in temperatures and irregular weather patterns can have a serious impact on the various species of plants and animals that call earth their home. Warming of climate will lead to extinction of many species on land as well as in the oceans as they will not be able to survive and adapt to global warming and climate change. Even a small change in climate can lead to many species facing extinction or reducing their number and putting them in the endangered list.
Also as deforestation and excessive use of land takes place many plants and animals lose their habitat. Excessive fishing has resulted in many species of fish facing extinction or already being extinct. There are many studies that show that till 2050 we would have lost many species to climate change if necessary steps are not taken.
To counter these phenomenon two types of measures need to be taken. Human beings need to look at climate change as a major danger that faces our planet and we need to take corrective measure to reverse climate change or atleast reduce its impact. The other measure is that we need to access the dangers of climate change and see which species are facing danger of extinction and then take protective measures to save these species from extinction.

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