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The coming depression blog | April 24, 2019

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Coming Depression – What it means to me and how can I survive?

As a consumer, before the economic collapse, you could get any service or product that you needed quite easily. You had the choice of buying this product / service, or just jump in the car get to the store and get it! Many analysts believe that the U.S. dollar will decline, rather crash in the near future. Crash of the U.S. dollar would be a historic event. The US dollar has been an international currency of trade since the WWII as the global economy in general and US economy boomed. In contrast, the U.S. economy is witnessing one of the worst crisis of all time. It is often said that this recession is comparable to the Great Depression. The housing crash contributed majorly to this depression, but this did not happen overnight. Several factors contributed to the housing crash resulting foreclosure igniting the house prices to fall to their all time low.

Every sector is not sure when an economy faces a recession, but there are some areas that are somewhat resistant to the financial crisis, and some recover quickly compared to other companies. The truth is: the wealth-building strategies that have worked over the last six decades will not work for the next six years. Last week, the White House was confused whether or not to keep the eight thousand dollar tax credit for first time home buyers. This administration is not sure, what is going to happen with new home sales numbers after this program is not available next month.

The fall in the housing prices that consumers feel poorer and more cautious about splurging. Some investors certainly seem not too confused by all this pain in the “real” economy. We are on the verge of an international monetary collapse, and you better be prepared for it. The monetary collapse is real and has been in the fabric and the financial plans of One World Government financiers for at least 80 years. It is true that some time back the British Pound had shown some promise, however, it has returned to lose the fight, in the grey weather of British recession. The poor economic situation of the United States, rising unemployment and falling home prices has opened the way for an uncertain future and the road to recovery will undoubtedly be long and tedious.

It will not be easy to beat the impending catastrophe. But you can do. Be the best you can, take responsibility for your own business, and get smart about what is really happening in the global economy. The serious consequences of a crash are reduced consumer confidence in the growth of the economy, increased unemployment, reduced government budget due to lower tax revenue, reduced demand leads to reduced wage inflation, low profitability of businesses etc. However, there is no recession proof industry that promises 100% security of your investment, but the above points and suggestions may be considered while investing your money.

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