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The coming depression blog | May 23, 2019

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Costly Higher Education in U.S

Costly Higher Education in U.S


Higher Education is a dream of many students across America today. Many of the top ranked universities in the world are situated in the United States. These prestigious colleges and universities offer a range of different degrees to the students in different fields of study. With getting degrees from top rated colleges in the United States, the students can get really good jobs and build a good career and consequently a good standard of living for their future family. A lot depends on your college degrees today and a solid degree from a prestigious educational institution can make a person’s life in the United States. However the problem is that at both the undergraduate and post graduate level in America today education expenses are sky rocketing and students are finding it very hard to pay their college fees in the United States.

Costly Higher Education in the United States of America

Universities and Colleges in America have different tuitions based on their rankings and the prestige associated with the University. Universities in some states have more tuition fees than other states. Also another aspect is that private universities are more expensive than state colleges or public universities. The student’s tuition also depends generally on where the student comes from. This means that if the student is from the same state as the university then there is a lower fee as compared to out of state and foreign students who have to pay a much higher tuition fee.
Generally students from middle income and lower income families in the United States have to opt for student loans and then repay the loans after they get a job later in life. Also this can become a problem as job situation in the last few years has not been great and many students have either got low paying jobs or are jobless. Living costs and tuition can result in the students to have thousands of dollars in debt for their undergraduate and graduate level studies. Also as universities within the state offer better tuition fees than universities out of state, where students have to sometimes pay many times the in-state costs, thus it limits the option for the students. Ivy League Colleges and some prestigious private schools in America charge an extravagant tuition fee nowadays and repaying tuition and student loans in the future is a big worry for students.
High costs of higher education in the United States means it is not affordable to all, resulting in stopping students from getting higher education that they deserve.

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