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The coming depression blog | June 24, 2019

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Cracks in the facade: Leading Chinese Communist warns of major social problems

Generally do not hold the lock of a story, but we are an exception in this case.
Zhou Ruijin is the former editor of the official People’s Daily. It is a powerful pro-reform higher in the Communist Party of China. Therefore, it seems prudent to heed his words when he warned his cohorts in the potential “loss of credibility of the government and the collapse of popular support.”

China Media Project translated Ruijin dire warning of:

The last time I had a deep sense of anxiety that I saw one case after another of the tensions between the governments and peoples at the local level, which has become more a more acute. A number of officials at the municipal level have abused their powers and over again trample human rights, the right to life and property rights of ordinary people. Interested trip petition, contact the media, or go online to report their stories. If they turn to litigation and other similar methods in an attempt to protect the legitimate rights that the Constitution gives them, they find that these channels to express their interests are blocked. In addition, local government’s level charges such as “slander” or “blackmail the government” (Blackmail the government) to go after them, “by arresting them across provincial boundaries” (Provinces arrest) or simply lock them up in mental hospitals say they are “psychologically unhealthy.

“Not long ago, Wuhan applicant Wu Xu had a chance to escape from a” mental hospital “after being imprisoned for four years, but then was openly taken away by police in Wuhan in the farm Guangdong Southern TV (TVS) and again committed to a psychiatric hospital. There was a buzz of public opinion across the country, but authorities Hubei simply answered by the removal of media reports.
China cannot suppress the media for so long. When the Soviet Union discovered, will lose the game. And this was before the Internet made it almost impossible for the suppression of long-term.

These methods arrogant and unreasonable scraped the bottom of the ethics of governance seriously goes against the political objectives of our party, saying that “the Party works for the public, and exercise power to the people” (Foundation for the public and governing for the people). Recently, the problem of the petitioners “to be [the power committed to] mental hospital” (Is mentally ill) became, as the problem of forced demolition of the property (Violent demolition), a painful news for the people. The first concern of many managers is to maintain a semblance of stability while they are in their positions. If something goes wrong, they make their political points (Not an accident, the government).
Sounds a bit like politicians in the United States. Here the popular phraseology is “kicking the can down the road.”

In order to maintain face and respect for local government, and also with various stakeholders, are creeping connections, not to stop damaging the interests of the people, and they even refer to themselves tiger skins “to maintain stability “, claims to deceive their superiors ” hostile forces “and the masses who” do not understand the truth of “excusing their incompetence government and their ruthless crimes. They do not care if the price is loss of credibility of the government or the collapse of public support.
As we say at the end of almost every story comes from China, a house of cards.

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