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The coming depression blog | June 22, 2018

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Dollar Collapse

Can the collapse of the U.S. dollar to zero? Under current policies in place, it is headed that way, although practically it may seem impossible.  It’s one thing you never hear from the general public involved. We have received warnings from experts about the future of the U.S. dollar. Three years ago, not only did I never think about the collapse of the dollar, I would not have understood either. Since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, the dollar gradually fell by more than 90%. A few months ago Obama ordered banks, Lerner was protesting to give homeowners a year off on their mortgage payments. As a demonstration organized by a tyrant Clouard-Piven SEIU is transformed into a direct order by President Barack Obama. Everyone needs money to survive.

The Federal Reserve continues to print money, and it will lead to hyper inflation. Prices of goods will rise and the dollar will be worthless compared to other currencies and gold. When America was on the Gold Standard, each of these dollar bills represented a percentage of gold that we had stored at Fort Knox. Thus, in the interest of making it easy for all the gold bars we saved, we had a 1000 U.S. dollar Notes. Now, every dollar bill is worth what the U.S. government says it is, in some way. Americans used to invest in the future of America by buying bonds that financed the wars and projects; we had no money in circulation to pay.

A dollar collapse occurs when the dollar falls rapidly that it triggers those dollars to panic and sell immediately at all costs. When the dollar collapses, large units will destroy their dollar holdings, and replace it with other currencies. One consequence of this collapse is that the U.S. dollar (which can be continuously created from scratch) will not be accepted in international trade. Therefore, the costs of essential imports – like oil, manufactured goods and raw materials – will increase dramatically. With regards to our national economy, the dollar continues to fall. As regards the final outcome, it is not known.

So what must happen to make this happen? Well, we can the dollar as a reserve currency in the world market is a good start. How could this happen? Well, the oil-producing countries, international investors, and other countries, that stockpile dollars will better understand the opportunities with Euro. Weakening of the dollar, causes a huge problem for Americans. First of all, it makes imports more expensive, which in reality is inflation. Ultimately, this means a lower standard of living than what they expect.

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