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The coming depression blog | March 26, 2019

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Education Debt

Loans from the University for the Promotion of 2010 in the United States amounted to an average of $ 25,250 upon graduation, an increase of 5% over the previous year, an analysis published Thursday in the United States.

Two thirds of graduates in 2010 called for a college credit and were affected significantly because the rate of unemployment among new graduates stood at 9.1% in the year completed their studies, although less than half the rate of those with only high school.

Student debt has been a central theme in the protests that we deal with Wall Street. Last week, President Barack Obama announced steps to protect debtors from the heavy monthly payments, including a program to consolidate loans and accelerate development of options that may limit the monthly based on a percentage of income for federal borrowers.

The figures, gathered using data from the survey by the Student Debt Project, indicate that the average debt increased almost to the same annual rate over the past five years, but still gives a fresh image of what many experts call a lawyer and alarming dependence on borrowing to pay for college.

Another cause for concern due to data limitations, the figures do not include students in private universities, where other recent data show that 96% of graduates are in debt and borrow 50% more than those who graduated from other schools where he enrolled four years.

Debt levels vary widely from school to school and region to region. The average level of 950 individual universities is more than $ 55,000. The report identifies 15 non-profit institutions where graduate students with unusually high levels of debt, a list that includes Regent University in Virginia to New York University and several art schools.

Meanwhile, students in the northeast and north-central region generally have substantially higher debt than those living in the west. New Hampshire has the highest average debt of all states, with $ 31,048, while Utah has the lowest at $ 15,509.

These figures, highlighted last week at the College Board report show this year increased 7.3% in the price of tuition at public universities, which highlights the challenge of affordability in higher education in a when states have significantly reduced support in this area.

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