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The coming depression blog | April 20, 2019

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Forest Crisis in North America :

Forest Crisis in North America :


Not everything is ‘prosper’ when we talk about America. One of the most trusted Power of   the world  have faced severe economic recession and is also  trying hard to fight the adverse curse nature is slaying on the North America forest lands.  The loss I am mentioning here is in billions. There has been a storm of alpine trees dying in the greener areas of North America namely Texas, the flourishing land of Amazon and many more. The count has been in billions with a gradual speed which is a great worry in history till now as per the ecologist . This is one of the vast visible effects of global warming and increasing fungus entrants in the forest areas.  It is alarming not only for the North American regions but also for the entire globe. green forestfungus and insect infestation

There has been a lot written about this nature’s destruction with varied conclusion. The Asian fungus and beetle have been the main cause for the mass dying of trees in the North American regions. The arrival of fungus is due to the hot and dry weather which is increasing year after year. The increase in temperature and humid atmosphere has given an easy entry to fungus and insect infestation.
dying forestdry forest

It is important to remind ourselves that nature is not dependent on us but we are dependent on nature. Trees are source of life; it’s one of the main elements of survival. Thousands of homes have gone astray and deprived of shelter, wildlife vanishing and becoming extinct because of the trees getting dry as they balance the cycle of nature between human and animals.  The destruction is so large that several government communities are being formed to help evacuation of residents from the most affected areas. As the green land is spread on great area the research in the same is a hefty process and at times the pace of destruction leave no ample gap of time for scientist to collect reasonable samples. The government is doing its part but the adverse effect it has on the US economy is far reversible. Any loss to the land is loss of money especially when it curtails survival tendency of thousands of humans. The loss cannot be transferred, delayed or recovered. The work in progress needs to adopt a rapid pace so that the exclusive flourishing US land as well as the stagnant economy may not find its roots permanently cut from the global area.

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