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The coming depression blog | June 24, 2019

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Get to Know Newt Gingrich

Tenured CFR Member Newt Gingrich has a record that speaks for itself. Are you listening? Remember the lesser of two evils, is still evil.

The Ron Party is a place for people who believe Ron Paul is the best chance we have to restore constitutionality in America to rally around him under one name that cannot be confused or condemned for being anything other than what it states. The Ron Party is intended to create separation from the Neocon Republican Party and Infiltrated “Tee” Party. We intend to help others see the clear choice to save the Republic by exposing the Establishment and it’s tactical control of both political parties. In a sense our mission is to create real choice by driving home the differences between Ron Paul and the Establishment Left Right.

We can make a difference and we can tip the scales back in the peoples favor. We can bring this subversive take over of our country to a halt and serve justice to those who are bankrupting our country, murdering innocents in our name, and turning the world against us with relentless empire building via the military industrial complex. All revolutions are won in the heart and the mind. We’ll be there to make sure people have a chance to hear the message clearly and with the political intelligence to understand the results of their choices.

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