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The coming depression blog | May 23, 2019

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Glitches in Obamacare Roll-Out

Glitches in Obamacare Roll-Out


Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act  which also commonly known as Obamacare is an ambitious health care act that was passed in the Congress in 2010 and then signed into law by President Obama. This law came into effect and major provisions of the Act are to be phased in by 2013. The healthcare act was meant to reform the healthcare system in America so that better healthcare and more importantly affordable health care are provided to the people of the country. There have been critics of the Obamacare from the start and they have got some ammunition now as there are some serious drawbacks and glitches in this Act.  These are surfacing as people start following the provisions laid down under this act and this has led to a serious debate in America over the issue with the Republican Party members openly criticizing the law. Also republicans wanted changes in Obamacare that led to a serious partisan debate in Washington and the government to go into a partial shutdown in October 2013.
Drawbacks and Glitches in Obamacare
•    There are some harsh critics of the healthcare act and there is an argument that suggests if the provisions of this act are to be followed then healthcare costs in the short term could actually rise rather than them coming down.
•    There is also confusion regarding the funding of the Affordable Care Act. Some estimates suggest that it will increase government spending and then cause an increase in America’s rising debt. This is not substantiated but if it is true this could raise America’s debt.
•    The White House had to face some serious embarrassment regarding the glitches that came to light in the website of Obamacare. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act website was launched on October 1st, 2013. The website quickly ran into major technical problems and ordinary people could not easily enroll through the website. Also insurance providers alleged that the application forms of people who did enroll went missing later causing a lot of confusion.
•    Efforts then commenced to fix the website and hopefully the problem has been identified now and in the future there would be no problems regarding Obamacare website.

All these drawbacks, doubts and glitches have made the healthcare act vulnerable to the critics of the act. People are not happy about these glitches and a great act meant to reform healthcare in America has had a shaky start.

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