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The coming depression blog | May 19, 2019

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Global Warming – A Concern

Global Warming – A Concern

Global Warming is a major concern for the entire world today. Global Warming is the overall rise in the temperature of the planet. In the last two centuries in particular there has been a relatively high rise in the earth’s temperature than the previous centuries. This phenomenon of global warming is very dangerous for the atmosphere and can have catastrophic effect, some of which we are already seeing in different parts of the world.
There are various causes and reasons why global warming is taking place throughout the world. Global warming is taking place naturally due to natural emission of green house gasses like methane into the atmosphere. One of the main man made reasons that global warming is taking place is high level of greenhouse gasses being emitted in the atmosphere by many human activities like burning of fossil fuels and deforestation of our forests.

As we pollute our environment more, there is more global warming and as population grows human activity rises and also use of fossil fuels, deforestation to create more living area for humans happens because of increase in population. Another aspect is that human beings breathe out carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas. So over population can also be harmful to the environment. Depletion of ozone layer due CFCs has also contributed in global warming.
Already we have started seeing the impact of global warming. Melting ice caps in the polar region, rising sea levels and overall increase in temperatures are already taking place. It is also believed that many of the recent mega natural disasters like hurricane, draughts and storms are all caused because of climate change and global warming. Also global warming impacts the rain and there are visible changes taking place in rain patterns and also there are changes in seasons. It also impacts the flora and fauna around the world.
The world leaders are not oblivious to this. Since this issue has become a major concern and many nations are really trying to reduce activities that cause global warming. There are strict laws in place for industries when it comes to saving in the environment in many countries today. There has also been a lot of innovation in new clean energy technologies. Alternative clean energy sources will help reduce the use of fossil fuels for energy and this will help reduce global warming. However a lot more needs to be done so that global warming does not remain a concern in the future.

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