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The coming depression blog | June 24, 2019

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Gold – The best Investment today

The coming economic depression in America is expected to be huge. But those who decide to invest in Gold will be able to profit like never before. You see, inflation is not only a problem in America; it’s a problem all over the world. Earlier in the year the US dollar was declining in value against virtually every other currency and all commodities. The coming economic collapse in America is hands down the largest collapse in the history of the world, and those savvy to gold and silver investing will stand to profit handsomely.

It’s a time people consider extremely challenging for their financial stability, an unideal situation which can seemingly destroy the dollar’s value overnight. Our incomes have shrunk and the prices of the basics, food, shelter and utilities have begun the steady climb causing many families to be forced a choice between paying their rent and eating. Five thousand banks failed during the Great Depression. More than 237,000 families were evicted from their homes. Two million men were “bumming around” the country at any given time searching for work.
Here are some ways on how to do just that:
Today, if you try to buy silver especially you might be surprised how long it takes to fill your order. The demand is already taxing the supply and the Chinese market is just opening up.
Never underestimate the power of a penny. The little stuff that you spend money on may not make a difference in your quality, your customer service or getting new customers. Do your employees need unlimited cell usage or can you cut back their level of service? Do you really need your offices cleaned 3 times a week or can you live with 2 times per week?
In order to save money during a recession, discipline yourself and your family members who contribute to family finances. Determine a proper and functional spending limit by week, and by month. There is no economic recovery and the stock market is going to fall dramatically due to the excessive amount of liquidity being pumped into the banks.
If you don’t know about investing in Gold, then it is high time you learn. The dollar is no longer as strong as it once was. Therefore it will collapse. If you currently have all of your money in cash, you are losing money every single day. Consider that with more than six billion people on earth there simply is not enough gold and silver available to have these precious metals fulfill the role of money for everyone.
The coming economic collapse in America is real. This can certainly happen again, but what amazes me is that most people will sit back and let their hard earned wealth be stolen from them through the hidden tax called inflation.


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