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The coming depression blog | May 23, 2019

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Health Insurance Crisis in the U.S

Health Insurance Crisis in the U.S


America is not a welfare state like many other western countries like Canada and also some European countries. So the citizens of the United States are not directly covered by the state when it comes to health insurance. There is a long history of health insurance debates and reforms in U.S. Many governments in the past have tried to provide health insurance solutions through reforms so that Americans can have affordable health care. However many people in the States still do not have adequate health insurance and so health care bills are sometimes impossible for these people to pay. Moreover the government is spending millions of dollars every year on health care which is adding to the overall yearly spending by the government and also adding to the United States government debt.
Health Care Insurance Crisis

There has to be a balance between the government spending on Health care and providing health care to millions of Americans. This means that health care currently is taking up a large chunk of the government spending which is causing a negative balance of trade and causing the continuous rise is debt. On the other hand, still millions of Americans do not have medical insurance and health care is not affordable to them. This causes many American citizens vulnerable to growing medical bills and also vulnerable economically if they are struck with a medical emergency.
Another aspect is that the medical insurance companies cannot provide cheap or free insurance and so government should have many social welfare programs and schemes to cover the population. Health Insurance in America is either privately purchased or funded by government in the form of social welfare programs. Moreover there are many different types of health insurances covering basic medical expenses to covering major medical problems or long term hospital stays.
As economy of the country declined in 2008 onwards many more people are depending on government social welfare programs for health insurance. The government spending on health care is rising but many millions of Americans are still not covered by any private health insurance, social welfare programs or they do not have adequate health insurance.
Providing proper health care and affordable health insurance to its citizens is one of the key areas that the government needs to work on without hurting the economy or raising the debt ceiling further due to rise in government spending on health care.

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