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The coming depression blog | July 21, 2018

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How can a Boeing 777 Disappear?

How can a Boeing 777 Disappear?

We live in an age of very advanced communication. It has become very easy to contact people living on the other side of the planet easily through internet, mobile phones and other telecommunication services today. When the GPS on our phone is on, our location can be tracked via satellite today. Then how is it that a large plane like a Boeing 777 just disappear without a trace? Because that is exactly what has happened to MH 370, the Malaysian passenger plane that disappeared off the radar in March 2014 and which has yet to be found.

How Can a Boeing 777 Disappear?
It seems unbelievable that an entire plane full of passengers and crew, that too a Boeing 777 can go missing and simply vanish without a trace. This has become a major air safety issue since the disappearance of MH 370. Boeing 777 has a next to flawless safety record till MH 370. Within an hour of the take off of the flight from Kuala Lumpur it disappeared off the radar. Final words from the pilots did not indicate that anything was wrong. Experts believe that the communication systems in the aircraft were manually disabled after the last communication. Experts also say that it is completely possible to shut off communication of an aircraft.
But this has since been a topic of heated discussion. Many experts argue that it should not be possible for pilots or anybody on the plane to completely shut-off communication systems. There are many solutions to this that have been proposed to the air travel authorities the world over since this tragedy. The fact that somebody on an aircraft can simply turn off communication systems puts fear in the minds of travelers and also leaves a gaping hole in the safety and security framework of air travel.
There is a popular saying that “air travel is the safest form of travel” and this is very true statistically speaking. But a complete disappearance of a Boeing 777 without any trace is very unsettling for people from all over the world. The families of the people onboard the flight do not have any sense of closure as they do not know what has happened to their loved ones. The human mind needs facts and a mystery like this has also created many conspiracy theories all over the world as to what happened to MH370. Hopefully answers to this question will be found soon and in the future it will be next to impossible for an airplane to simply disappear off the radars.

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