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The coming depression blog | May 23, 2019

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Impact of Tornadoes on US in 2012

Impact of Tornadoes on US in 2012

One of the worst natural disasters that America faces every year is the tornadoes that hit several states in the U.S every year. America deals with more than 1000 tornadoes a year each varying in intensity and 2012 also saw a lot of tornadoes in America. There are some states in America that are called tornado country where there are many tornadoes in a year’s time. These include the states in the south like Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas. In the Midwest the states of Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota are also hit by tornadoes. East, northeast and western regions of United States have relatively lesser tornadoes every year compared to the Midwest and the South.

In 2012 also these tornadoes had a devastating impact on many towns and regions of the United States. A Tornado is a violent spinning of wind in a funnel shape cloud which hits the earth and joins the cloud in a violent twisting movement. Tornados are caused due to low pressure area and high winds. The tornadoes can leave behind absolute devastation of regions that fall in the path of the tornado. The tornadoes are measured by the level of intensity and the scale to measure these tornadoes is called a Fujita scale. The Fujita Scale measures tornado intensity on the scale of F0, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5 with F0 is the mildest and F5 being the most intense.
In 2012 more than 900 tornadoes hit the United States. Mostly the tornados were between the F0 to F2 intensity but there were some strong tornadoes in 2012 that were of the F3 and F4 intensity on the Fujita scale. There were four F4 intensity tornados in 2012 in Harrisburg, Illinois, Henryville Indiana, Crittenden, Kentucky and Marquette. These Tornados caused damage to both life and property in these towns. The total economic impact of the tornadoes of 2012 was estimated between 1 and 2 Billion Dollars. There are state of the art warning systems in America that give the people warning, a short time before the tornados so that people can reach safety places. The country has a good rapid disaster response system but it can help only after the tornadoes have hit.
This is a natural disaster that America faces every year. The people can take precautions like building safe areas underground and reach there in time after the warnings. Efforts should be made to make the response effort even better than it already is.

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