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The coming depression blog | May 23, 2019

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Increase in Partisanship among American Voters

Increase in Partisanship among American Voters


Politics in America has largely been a two horse race for a long time now. This is a two party democracy where either the American voter votes for the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. There are some elections where independents do win but that is a rare phenomenon in America. The Democratic Party in America represents a left of center and extreme left and liberal ideology; where as the Republican Party represents the political ideology that is right of center and extreme right wing which is the conservative ideology. Traditionally there are some states in the United States that vote for either of the two with some swing states that are unpredictable. Currently the House of Representatives is controlled by the Republicans and the Senate is controlled by the Democrats with the President of the country being a Democrat.


The political discourse in Washington over the last few years has become increasingly partisan where negotiation and compromise between the two sides in order to move forward on an issue is very difficult. Rigid opinions and an unwillingness to consider the opposite opinion has resulted in many policy crisis and also hurt the economy in the last few years.

But what about the voters? Ultimately the politicians are representatives of American voters in Washington. Over the last few years the American voter has become increasingly partisan when it comes to political opinions. Recent polls have suggested that republican voters and democratic voters have shifted further part in their political beliefs and opinions on major political issues. This polarization has divided the country’s voters and has pushed them further apart when it comes to major political issues and policies. The problem is that today a large percentage of the voters have either extreme left or extreme right political ideologies and these are often completely opposite to each other. The moderate base from both the parties is shrinking and this is not a good phenomenon.

As the politicians have to cater to their constituencies of voters who have polar opposite political opinions, there is a partisanship that is increasing in Washington politics. Both the houses of congress are ruled by different parties who are catering to voters with opposite ideologies on many political issues. There has been little room for negotiation in Washington for key issues which are very important for the country. This trend is not very encouraging and finding common ground in politics is important for the country’s future.

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