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The coming depression blog | July 21, 2018

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Is US Economy Collapse becoming a reality?

US economic collapse news is confirmed news as it is straight from the horse’s mouth. The pellucid evidences have shown that US economic collapse is going to happen very soon. Out of control government spending, and more cities, counties and even states having financial crises, the possibility of a Collapse in the US is becoming more and more real to many people.The United States economy took a major hit on September 12, 2001. Many stocks crashed and consumers lost faith in various industries.There are various precursors which eventually lead towards a complete breakdown in not only the economic but also the Political and Civil machinery.When governments cannot sell their debt in the open market, it makes it impossible for them to continue operations without some sort of turmoil or disturbance.

Rampant financial conditions and chaotic economy crisis situations are continuously warning all nations worldwide. Few of the instances in history which have been considered as major events considering the global economics can be referred for a better understanding of an economic collapse.If the major states of the US were to file for bankruptcy, it would lead to widespread panic, and with many programs, and funded services closed down immediately, confusion would set in quickly and chaos would reign.The National Inflation Association estimated that by 2015, that Americans will be spending almost 40% of their income on food and as little as 10% on housing.
These are very uncertain times and so an economic collapse survival guide is very necessary. Below mentioned are some points of the economic collapse survival guide which will help you stay prepared for the approaching economic depression.

Plan. Make a plan for how to survive a total economic collapse. List your debts and assets.
Buy Silver. Change liquid savings into silver and gold. If the dollar collapses, having precious metals will preserve your money and it can be used as currency.
Administration: Few schools of thought also go by the factor of the administration in the state. Over-regulation and intervention by the governments have been cited as few of the precursors towards an economic collapse
Secondly; edify yourself and your family with various financial crisis and survival techniques. Best way to learn these survival techniques is book or guide.
The other lesson that should be learned from what happened in Argentina is that Americans should have a food storage program, where they have several weeks of nonperishable food in their home.
Always be informed and observant about the economy status. If you are aware then you can be ready for the depression. This will protect your family and you from any coming crisis.
Build community. Get to know your neighbors and build a community wherever you are. In the event of total economic collapse, life will become very local and survival will depend on working together with others, beginning with families.

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