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The coming depression blog | December 17, 2018

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Major Crisis in Developed Economies: Obesity

Major Crisis in Developed Economies: Obesity

Obesity is a major problem faced by developed nations today. Populations of some of the developed nations are increasingly becoming more and more obese. Obesity is a health problem in which a person’s body accumulates an excess amount of fat and this leads to many social and health problems for the individuals. Being fat is a major health issue and is also a major psychological issue that has to be dealt with effectively. Fat people are laughed at and are deemed ugly as their body is not slim and they do not have a good figure. Today a large percentage of men, women and children in developed countries suffer from obesity.

Obesity in Developed Nations
American Medical Association classified obesity as a chronic disease. Countries like United States, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland have large populations that suffer from obesity. Today in the United States more than 1 out of 3 adults are obese and around 17% of American children are obese. A better quality of life means easy access to food. Also many developed countries have a culture of fast food and junk food which adds to obesity in these countries. Sugary processed foods, fast foods like burgers, French fries, doughnuts, potato chips, sweetened drinks etc. contribute to obesity in developed countries. Because fast food is cheap and there is a reasonable prosperity in these countries as compared to developing and developed nations, buying such food is quite easy for people living in these developed countries.
Effects of Obesity
•    There are many health problems associated with obesity. The mortality rate is higher among obese people than those who are not obese.
•    There are many cardio-vascular health problems associated with obesity. High blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and high triglyceride levels are some of the problems that obese people face.
•    Type 2 Diabetes is another major disease that is associated with obesity. Also increase in fat cells in the body can lead to various other health problems and diseases like cancer, gastro-intestinal diseases, respiratory diseases and orthopedic diseases.
•    Fat children and young adults can suffer “fat-shamming” from their peers which can lead to psychological problems. Also being obese or fat is a major reason for lack of confidence among adults, both men and women.
•    Obesity makes an individual less active and lethargic in life.
There are many problems associated with obesity and developed countries have large obese populations and this is a major concern for developed economies.

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