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The coming depression blog | June 24, 2019

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Marriage Crisis around the World

Marriage Crisis around the World

Marriage is a social union where two individuals decide to spend the rest of their lives together. This is a legal contract between spouses who want to have a married life together. This contract is entered into by people from all over the world by a civil or a religious ceremony. Acquiring a marriage certificate states the legality of the marriage. This age old tradition is one of the main pillars on which our society exists. When couples enter into a marriage contract they are legally liable to certain responsibilities and also enjoy certain rights as a married couple. However the institution of marriage has certainly taken a hit with many couples filing for divorce or separation.

Separation & Divorce

A legal separation is when couples still remain married but through a court order which decides to live separate lives mostly away from each other. This is becoming increasingly common as couples are not able to live with each other as there are many differences between a couple’s married lives. This happens before a divorce and can sometimes lead to reconciliation through counseling, therapy or sorting out of differences.
A Divorce is a complete dissolution of marriage in the legal terms where the couple no longer remains spouses of each other legally. The marriage becomes null and void and the couple starts leading individual single lives.

Increase in the rate of Divorces all over the world

Today the divorce rate is increasing every year, so more and more marriages are breaking up. A positive point is that women all over the world are more aware of their rights. Abusive marriages are not tolerated as much as they used to be in the past. This is a good phenomenon across the world. Sometimes there are also some medical reasons for a divorce.

However there are many other reasons why marriages are facing problems today. It is an excellent phenomenon that women are becoming financially independent due to good jobs because of better education. Couples today are spending lesser time with each other due to their demanding jobs. Attachment and love does not get a chance to grow in such situations. Infidelity is also on the rise today which is leading to the breakup of marriage. There is a phenomenon today that couples after some years of marriage simply “fall out of love” for each other.

Divorce rates have gone up in developed countries in this century; however it is sad that gradually the divorce rates in developing countries are also rising.

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