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The coming depression blog | May 23, 2019

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Need of Increase in Clean Energy Production

Need of Increase in Clean Energy Production

Energy resources are needed by every country in the world to fuel their progress and development so that the populations can lead better lives. Every day in daily use, for electricity, industrial consumption, transportation and a host of different avenues we need energy. Today a large portion of this energy production is through conventional forms of energy like fossil fuel sources such as natural gas, petroleum, coal and minerals such as uranium and shale gas. Conventional or nonrenewable forms of energy today still add up to around 80% of the energy resources that are used all over the world today. There is an effort to reduce our dependency on these conventional sources of energy and increase the production and use of clean energy sources. Clean energy or renewable energy resources are solar energy, wind energy, hydro power, natural geothermal energy, oceanic tidal energy, natural biogas among others that are categorized under renewable and clean sources of energy.
Need to Increase Clean Sources of Energy
•    Conventional forms of energy are a limited source of energy. This means that one day there is going to be total depletion of conventional energy resources and they are not going to be there forever. Also only a small group of countries in the world produce these conventional energy resources like petroleum and natural gas. Many developing as well as developed countries have to import their conventional energy needs. By importing oil, these countries and their people have to pay a huge cost for fuel.
•    These conventional forms of energy are very bad for the environment. Climate change, pollution, increase in CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions due to fossil fuel combustion are bad for the environment. Also production of dangerous air pollutants like nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, volatile organic compounds all caused by fossil fuel combustion are harmful to the environment.
•     We have already seen effects of climate change like change in weather patterns, melting of the polar snow caps and rise in the seas level not to mention rise in the overall temperatures of the seas as well as on land. Also freak natural disasters are caused due to climate change.
The production of clean energy is vital for our survival in the future. The production of clean energy today is limited as well as costlier than conventional resources of energy. There is a need to increase the production of clean energy along with research to find cheap methods of producing clean energy.

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