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The coming depression blog | May 19, 2019

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Need to Rebuild America’s Infrastructure

United States of America has been the world’s superpower for some decades now. The infrastructure of a country means public structures that support a society. These include roads, railways, bridges, schools, public offices, water facilities, dams, electric grid and other such structures that build a society. United States is a developed economy and the infrastructure of the country has been of good quality compared to many other nations. However today the infrastructure in America needs to be rebuilt across all states as the infrastructure is crumbling and there is a need to fix this problem.
Many countries around the world today from Europe as well as Asia have better infrastructure than the United States. Granted the land area of these countries is much smaller than America, but the world’s superpower must fix its infrastructure if it wants to lead the world into the 21st century. A good infrastructure is the key to economic growth in the country.
Role of Government
This need to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure is an important issue and also a focus point for the current government. The government has a “Rebuild America” plan that looks to rebuild the infrastructure of the country. Billions of dollars probably even trillions of dollars are needed to be spent on the infrastructure in America and efforts are underway to fix America’s infrastructure. The problem is that at this point the government is trying to cut down costs as the American debt is also rising. The government has to look at important projects that will make a difference and first spend money on those projects.
The opportunity that arises out of this is that if the infrastructure projects are accelerated they will not only improve the infrastructure of the country but also help create jobs in the infrastructure sector for thousands of Americans. As the United States is desperately trying to bring down the unemployment rate in the country this is one of the ways to build infrastructure and give jobs to people.
Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure is not a short term plan. This is a serious issue in America and will take many years to achieve the dream of having the best infrastructure in the world. But it is possible and for the country to grow and remain a superpower in the world, fixing the infrastructure is very important. Infrastructure is one of the key drivers of growth in any economy.


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