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The coming depression blog | April 20, 2019

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Pits and falls of the US Economy

Indeed, it seems rather obvious that the government cannot be trusted to dictate economic policy or create jobs. The world has a new normal: economic uncertainties. America with all their top elite universities seems not to have a roadmap on how to navigate out of the valley of spiraling economic difficulties.The nation as a whole has been knocked around by the great recession and we are seeing the after effects from the most severe economic downturn in decades. The statistics of overall unemployment seem to me at least unfathomable. When you add in the self-employed and the under employed, you are looking at close to 30% of the US adult age population that are not effectively employed.

It seems to me that the American people are being brainwashed by the media into thinking that the government, the Federal Reserve, and the Obama Administration are the only ones who can bring jobs back to America. Government efforts to promote job creation have had little impact for one simple reason: the government cannot create private sector jobs, only private enterprise can create such jobs.It seems as if whenever we look for the federal government to help create jobs for Americans, which I believe to be the wrong way to play it, the federal government always says that we need to retrain our workforce, and offer more courses at community colleges and universities to prepare people for the new jobs as our economy changes.

The written details of Obama’s jobs plan are discouraging. They make it clear that the plan is not about serious business growth and long-term sustainable job creation.Why should the federal government even consider creating a new corporation, wholly-owned by the government, that would be staffed by individuals appointed by the President and that would spend tens of billions of dollars each year by making direct loans and loan guarantees to finance “economically-viable” transportation, water and energy projects?
However, notwithstanding our past experience, we are expecting a historic lunching of new economic theories that will probably change the way the world applies their economic policies forever.If we continually chase American businesses a way to foreign shores, we shouldn’t be surprised that all the jobs being created by our recessionary recovery are happening in China and not in the United States.

Where are the business leaders and where are our elected officials? Americans are sick of the democrats vs. republican shit; our country is going down the toilet. We need solutions not speeches and grand standing.
The U.S. did not become a great nation by imprisoning its productive labor force, handicapping workers and industries and forcing people to rest in cages.We will boost the American economy and reduce our debts.

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