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The coming depression blog | May 19, 2019

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Polluted Rivers – A Concern

Polluted Rivers – A Concern

Water pollution is a major concern throughout the world. Moreover rivers, streams, lakes and rivulets are major source of fresh water to all plants and animals including human beings. Water is today a treasured resource as more and more living organisms are depending on water due to increase in pollution, primarily increase in human population throughout the world. River pollution is a major concern as it spoils a major resource, fresh water which is essential for survival of all living organisms. Nowadays due to the overall pollution and harmful impacts of human activities all over the world, environment is getting severely degraded. Climate change and global warming are serious issues facing the earth. Due to this weather patterns are changing causing an uncertainty in rainfall and precipitation the world over. Protecting the fresh water in the rivers has become more important than ever.

Reasons for Polluted Rivers
•    Many times there is a lot of waste and garbage that ends up in the rivers if there are major human settlements on the banks of the rivers
•    Sewage waste is also often discarded in these rivers causing pollution of the rivers. Millions of people around the world still do not have proper toilets and bathrooms and use the river everyday for these purposes causing the rivers to pollute. This is particularly the situation in high density population countries of the developing world.
•    Many times industries and factory units pollute the river water by discarding their by products, wastewater or waste chemical substances into the river. This can make the rivers toxic and even at times deadly.
•    Many people tend to wash their clothes with detergents at the river side in developing countries which causes the river water to pollute as detergent chemicals mix with the water.
•    Another major reason for river pollution is fuel contamination of the river due to boats running on the river powered by conventional fuel sources that are harmful for the environment.
Many rivers around the world have been declared “dead” due to excessive pollution of the rivers. This means that they are unable to sustain any life. Rivers provide fresh water which is one of the basic fundamental needs on this planet. The water pollution that takes place in these rivers must be curbed. If the governments all over the world as well as individuals do not take this seriously we might face an acute shortage of clean drinking water and fresh water in the future.

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