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The coming depression blog | June 24, 2019

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Scarcity of Water

Scarcity of Water

Water is a basic necessity of living things. Human Beings cannot live without water. If there is no water provided to the body, they can die of severe dehydration in a few days. They say in the near future water is going to be the most valuable resource for countries around the world. The human population around the world is more than 7 billion today and is likely to increase in the coming years. Fresh water from lakes, rivers and streams is not only needed for this population but also for the agriculture, industry and also fresh water is essential for plants and animals around the world.
Water Scarcity
In the last few years the demand for water is not been met by the supply of water. Due to irregular rainfall, lack of infrastructure to store water and also severe lack of rainfall and droughts, there are millions of people all over the world today without clean water. There are hundreds of millions of people all over the world without clean drinking water to drink every day. These people have to drink dirty polluted water which results in a greater risk of diseases. Another problem is sanitation and waste disposal. There are over 2 billion people all over the world today without proper water facilities for this purpose.
Water is not only needed for personal use but also for agriculture. Without proper irrigation facilities millions of farmers have to face serious scarcity of water for their crops due to lack of rainfall or irregular rainfall. This results in a bad crop and scarcity of agricultural produce. This in turn results in famine and starvation for many people especially the poor as there is less supply of food products and food inflation increases due to this.
Many countries and even states in a country are fighting over water resources. This happens because of rivers running through different territories and lakes bordering different countries. There are legal fights waging in various courts around the world for the use of water resources the world over. Water scarcity affects every continent on the planet. However countries in Africa, Asia and South America which get scarce rainfall and also are developing countries that do not have proper infrastructure for irrigation and storage of water resources suffer the most. There are some regions where today there is an acute shortage of clean water resources and the people are leading a very difficult life.

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