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The coming depression blog | May 23, 2019

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Shortage of Electricity Worldwide

Shortage of Electricity Worldwide

Electricity is one of the most important needs of human beings today. Electricity is produced by various renewable as well as non renewable sources of energy. A country supplies energy to its people and industries by using these different sources of energy. Electricity is needed by everybody in our day to day life and also needed by industries and public infrastructural facilities to operate. There are state and national electricity grids that supply electricity. Also electricity is supplied by private power companies. The basic rule is demand should be met by the supply and electricity should be affordable to the general public. However many countries around the world are facing an acute energy crisis.
Electricity Shortages
Electricity shortage is a very serious problem that hampers the growth of a region. There are some places on the planet today where electricity has not yet reached the people. In many populous countries, the electricity management has been very subpar and due to red tape and lack of funds, power plant projects are not being implemented. When there is a shortage many times there are “load shedding” power cuts every day. These power cuts are usually for a few hours in the urban areas and from 12 to 18 hours in the rural areas.
Effects of Electricity Shortage
Electrical Shortages hamper industrial production and also weaken an economy which is desperate to grow. As the need of electricity is growing, efforts have to be taken to avoid a severe energy or electricity crisis in major countries around the world in the future. Environmentally friendly clean sources of electricity are the need of the hour.
Supplying electricity and avoiding a power shortage is also very important from a social point of view. People cannot live without electricity today. Electricity gives people a longer day and also helps children to study after dark and have a life after the sun sets. In many cold countries electricity is essential for central heating of the house. Lack of electricity can lead to a humanitarian crisis in different countries.
In the 21st century ensuring electricity is essential for progress. It has become one of the basic needs with food, clothing and shelter. The new generation wants food, clothing and shelter along with electricity, infrastructure and proper sources water. The production and distribution of electricity is one of the main areas where various governments need to focus in order to give a reasonable life to its citizens.

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