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The coming depression blog | July 21, 2018

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Tea Party Vs OWS – Who has the solution?

What is “Occupy Wall Street,” all about? Well, it’s hard to say (not knowing) … We need to go by what the demonstrators tell to journalists. It is becoming increasingly difficult for journalists to go there but when they do, they don’t learn much. Many of the demonstrators said in an interview that they really have no idea why they are there. But others do not seem to be against some of the things, such as banks, and prosperity, and capitalism, and (as an intelligent young man summed up) everything.

You may notice that capitalism against which these people feel they are protesting, are the very things that give them enough time and leisure to sit in protest. But if you put this kind of madness and restlessness, it is likely that you are a Republican or a business owner, or some other form of Tea Partier!
Tea Parties —you had your moment, now is our turn to occupy several streets! Of course, you had hundreds and thousands turn up at your events … but we have dozens of the best specimens of the human mind to turn up on the streets to support us! It is obvious you did it all wrong Tea Party: You organized more than 300 events, and not a single arrest. We had more than 700 arrests and, with fewer people! Put that in your tea bag! Who’s laughing now, HUH!!!

Tea Party and the opposition have its merits. Activities focus OWS Millennials rather than the Baby Boomers. There has never been arrest for any Tea Party protesters know, hundreds of protesters were arrested in OWS. It ‘was pointed out most of the members of the Tea Party have jobs, whereas it’s completely the opposite with the OWS movement.

Of course, this is part of why the movement has gained so much steam. Many of these Millennials, when they were small, they have been told that to be successful, all you had to do was stay in school, get good grades, and graduate from college, are now looking for a bleak outlook to get a job. At the same time, they see the investment banks, hedge funds, Wall Street traders, living with high salaries, even more bonuses, and in many cases, lower taxes (e.g., carried interest). It really surprises everyone that there are people who protest against the Wall Street.

Herein lays the biggest difference between the OWS and the Tea Party movement. Tea Party leads mostly to blame big government and high taxes. Their proposal to solve problems is to limit the size of government, reduce the spending and cutting taxes for everyone. OWS Affairs set the blame for much of what we call “corporate capitalism” (what others have called crony capitalism). We have heard suggestions such as the restoration of the Glass-Steagall, which prohibits consumers banks and investment banks from operating as one unit, the financial transactions tax, which would limit the profitability of your computer mass trading, with the addition of additional taxes on higher incomes, which protesters say OWS would argue.
I pointed out before, that the Tea Party movement and OWS share many common goals. The reason the two groups cannot look into each other’s eyes is that their proposals to solve the problems are very different. That’s why the Tea Party is in effect trying to make OWS movement look bad and keep them on sidetracks. If Americans begin to see that the two movements see the same problems, but have different ways of solving these issues, Tea Party will lose its luster as a popular movement, that has all the solutions.

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