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The coming depression blog | May 23, 2019

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The Impact of the Mid-Term Elections in the United States

The Impact of the Mid-Term Elections in the United States

An important part of the democratic process in the United States is the Mid-Term Elections. These elections take place for all 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives and some seats in the Senate. Elections also take place for Governorship races for many states along with States Legislature elections for most of the States in the United States. It is called the mid-term elections because they happen exactly 2 years after the Presidential election at the “mid-term” point of the presidency.

In 2014, Mid Term Elections took place with Republicans gaining ground in many of the elections all over the country and Democrats did not have a good election result in 2014. The Republicans increased their majority in the House of Representatives, got control over the United States Senate for the first time since 2007, gained two more Governorships and also did very well in the state legislature elections and the local elections across the country.Untitled

Impact of the Mid-Term Elections, 2014
•    Some of the key issues were Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare), immigration policies, foreign policy and also economic inequalities that exist in the United States.
•    Mid-term election reflects heavily on the perception of the American people of the current presidency. The fact the Republicans are doing extremely well against democrats shows that the approval rating of the current president are not that high.
•    In the last year or so the Foreign policy has been a cause of debate in America. With Russia’s annexation of Crimea, tensions in Ukraine, the Middle East Crisis, the Presidential Foreign Policy in America has come under severe scrutiny and there has been a lot of debate regarding the foreign policy.
•    Obamacare is something many Republicans are against and so they debated passionately against it during these elections. Immigration reform is also an emotive issue in politics in America at the moment and was a major issue during these elections.
•    The president will find it difficult to work with the House of Representatives and the Senate now more than before. This is because the republican majority in the House has increased and for the first time since 2007 the Senate is also in Republican control.  The President belongs to the Democratic Party and this means that negotiations on policies and reforms are going to be tough.
The Mid-Term Elections are an important exercise for democracy in the United States and have a lot of impact in local and national politics in the country.

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