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The coming depression blog | June 19, 2018

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Top Most 20 Recession Proof Jobs in America Right Now

As the global economy is still reeling from the Great Recession, the unemployment statistics are getting staggering in the U.S. by either historical or normal standards.  There are more than 2 million Americans jobless for more than 99 weeks (one reader suggested the actual number of 99ers should be at tripled that).  Then, Dr. Doom Roubini further scared everybody yesterday by predicting a 60% probability of a double dip recession in 2012.  So this infographic could come in handy providing some clue as to the hottest labor market trend even in a recessionary environment.

If you want to recession-proof your career, the key is to focus on work that continues even when most people don’t have disposable income to spend. So while consumers may not hit the mall as often, you can guarantee that people will continue to get sick, pay taxes and use energy. These are just a few of the careers and industries that can be expected to thrive in a down economy.

The kind of jobs that career-seeking Americans should avoid at all costs are essentially the ones that have been gradually replaced by technology – Post Office Mail Sorter, telemarketer, photo processor, carpenter and record store owner (blame it on iPod).   But automation sometimes comes with a price.  After suffering from the trauma of having to junk a 1-year old fridge, and one brand new microwave blowing out fuse on arrival, I can really attest to the old saying “They sure don’t make things like they used to anymore.”

The firm today issued a study that looked at the professions that have most consistently remained in highest demand over a more than eight-month period dating from November 2007 through July 7, 2008. The good news for those trying to find work in the technology field was that high-tech jobs held down the most Jobfox Top 20 most recession-proof professions including Software Design/Development, Networking/System Administration, Business Administration (Software Implementation), Testing/Quality Assurance, Database Administration and Technology Executive.

Jobfox states that the top 20 most recession-proof professions are:

1. Sales Representative/Business Development

2. Software Design/Development

3. Nursing

4. Accounting & Finance Executive

5. Accounting Staff

6. Networking/Systems Administration

7. Administrative Assistant

8. Business Analysis: Software Implementation

9. Business Analysis: Research

10. Finance Staff

11. Project Management

12. Testing/Quality Assurance

13. Product Management

14. Database Administration

15. Account/Customer Support

16. Technology Executive

17. Electrical Engineering

18. Sales Executive

19. Mechanical Engineering

20. Government Contracts Administration

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