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The coming depression blog | October 21, 2018

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United States West Coast Drought

United States West Coast Drought

Water has been a scarcity when it comes to states in Western United States especially California. California has seen its fair share of droughts over time as the climate in the region behaves in a way that dry spells are common in the state. However in the last decade or so especially so in the last few years, the western coastal states in particular California has seen extreme drought conditions. Some estimates suggest that California has only a year’s worth of water left to sustain normal life in the state. This is a dangerous phenomenon and if the western coastal regions head into a mega drought condition in the future that lasts decades it will be very difficult to survive and have a normal life in this region of the United States.

Detail Regarding the United States West Coast Drought

•    Agriculture is severely impacted in California which is known for fresh agricultural produce. Thousands of agricultural jobs are lost because of the drought, which means the drought has contributed largely to unemployment in the states.
•    2014 was a bad year for California and surrounding areas as there were severe drought conditions in the state and some estimates suggest that 2015 is likely to be significantly worst as compared to 2014 when it comes to scarcity of water and severe drought conditions in many areas on the west coast.
•    The economic loss to California over the last year has been well over U.S $ 2 Billion. However this year the estimates suggest that the drought will cost the state over U.S $ 3 Billion in losses.
•    There are various laws that are in place state wide and also in particular countries restricting use of water and punishing those who waste water. Also this is likely to get stricter in 2015 if the drought conditions in California continue.
•    There is a limit in many areas for usage of water for individual water use and it is strictly implemented so that the available water lasts till these areas of the western coast of United States come out of the drought conditions that they are in.
•    Though droughts are an almost normal climate phenomenon in some areas of the west coast, this drought which can turn into a major mega drought in the region is largely attributed to climate change.

There must be strict changes made to combat climate change if the area does not want to face severe drought conditions in the future.

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