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The coming depression blog | June 24, 2019

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World Food Crisis

World Food Crisis


Man cannot survive without food. Food is one of the most basic fundamental needs of man. Human beings eat vegetarian food in the form of plants, crops and other agricultural produce and also eat food that we get from other animals in the form of eggs, dairy and meat of various types of animals and fish. The lack of food or a world food crisis is when the there is an acute scarcity of food and both vegetarian food as well as non vegetarian food is not available for the growing human population. The various organizations from all over the world like United Nations, World Bank and other organizations related to food distribution are cautioning the world of an acute food scarcity and also famine that the world might face in the current year as well as in the immediate future.
Causes of Food Scarcity and World Food Crisis
The weather pattern changes due to climate change and global warming have resulted in changes in normal weather which is needed for agriculture in many parts of the world. Unprecedented droughts, lack of rainfall, excessive flooding has resulted in agricultural produce getting destroyed. In many parts of the world there is a major dip in the amount of food crops that have been produced and are likely to be produced this year. Cattle and other animals that are farmed for meat as well as dairy, eggs etc do not get fodder that is required for them to grow healthy and therefore there is a lack of food that we get from animals as well. Another cause is the depletion of arable land.
Effects of World Food Crisis
This scarcity leaves hundreds of millions of people without food throughout the world. It causes malnutrition and also many diseases in human beings as they do not have the food needed to give them the strength that they need to fight this crisis. There are a large number of deaths in famine hit areas due to lack of food. Man cannot survive without food for many days together.
The food prices in many areas rise due to the shortage of supply of food against the demand of food. Food inflation results in many people unable to buy basic foods as they suffer from poverty. An acute famine situation can lead to chaos and rioting and also violence in many areas.
World food crisis is a major cause of concern especially in regions that face famines due to it.

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