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The coming depression blog | June 24, 2019

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World Water Crisis

World Water Crisis


Water is one of the basic essentials without which human beings cannot survive. Fresh water which is not polluted has many uses besides the primary use of drinking water. Fresh water is needed for bathing, washing as well as for cooking. It is also needed for general cleanliness and hygiene of human beings. Relatively the water crisis is new to our world. Moreover trees, plants and animals also require water as they are also living on this planet with human beings.
Water scarcity is lack of available clean water and the need of water in a particular region. The extreme lack of fresh water in an area can lead to drought conditions in the region.
Water Crisis
The weather patterns have changed around the world due to global warming and climate change. This leads to irregularity in rainfall and snow in different parts of the world. Mostly fresh water in the world is received by snowfall and rainfall. Irregularity of these weather factors can and have lead to water crisis in many parts of the world.
The human population has also increased tremendously in the last century. More people need water resources that are becoming fewer in nature. Agriculture which provides food to human beings depends on fresh water. If adequate snow fall or rainfall does not take place the agriculture that depends on rains for water and does not have modern irrigation facilities suffers due to water scarcity caused by lack of rains.
In many parts of the world like regions in Africa, Asia and South America clean drinking water is not available. As a large population lives in this area the lack of clean drinking water can be very disastrous for the people living in these areas as clean water is a basic need of human beings. In many developing countries infrastructure projects like irrigation facilities, proper water distribution system, dams on rivers and other such water related projects are either stuck in red tape or not planned.
This problem is only going to become worst in the future as weather patterns change, fresh water availability becomes more uncertain and the human population of the world grows at a fast pace. The United Nations and other such organizations are calling this a serious crisis and a global concern that needs to be addressed and solutions to this problem need to be arrived at, as the entire world faces this problem today.

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